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There are several ways to purchase  Whole Life Insurance in Virginia.  You can buy it over the Internet at literally hundreds of different websites. You can call an 800 number and buy it over the phone directly from a Whole Life insurance company. You can call an insurance agent. In some cases, you can buy it at your bank or credit union.  The choices are many and the challenge to purchase the Best Whole Life Insurance to meet your needs is difficult.

In the midst of all the insurance commercials and advertisements, it may seem that Whole Life insurance is just a commodity–a product that is the same at every company.  It’s not.  Whole Life Insurance policies in Virginia can be very different and have very different costs.   You’re not buying a container of salt; You’re protecting your financial well-being…and the choices you make could affect you for the rest of your Whole Life.  

With hundreds of Whole Life Insurance companies and many different policies, the best Whole Life Insurance purchase decision is often made with the help of a professional insurance agent.  Our insurance agents at Belcher Insurance Agency are ready to help!

At Belcher Insurance Agency “74 Years of Serving You 1st” means:

  • FREE NEEDS ANALYSIS. We take the time to understand every client’s needs and work hard to provide the best possible insurance solution for the best value.
  • EXTRA-ORDINARY SERVICE. We take pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing superior communication, quality service, and delivering the ultimate, exceptional experience.
  • WE GIVE OUR CLIENTS OUR CELL PHONE NUMBERS! Access to your agent at your fingertip.
  • EXCEPTIONAL RESPONSIVENESS.   We respond as soon as possible to client inquiries–most of the time within minutes.
  • TECHNOLOGY. We partner with companies that are innovative and remain on the cutting edge of technology, so our clients may have the convenience of accessing their policy information at anytime, anywhere, any place.
  • FINANCIAL WELLNESS. We educate and work collaboratively with clients to bring order to their financial life and to achieve their dreams and goals, as they navigate through the different fiscal stages, such as eliminating debt, asset protection, and retirement planning.
  • WE CARE. We go beyond insurance and provide clients with an experience that they will appreciate and services that will help clients improve their cash flow and build personal wealth.
  • PARTNERSHIP. Our referral partners will assist our clients with all their real estate needs, such as buying, refinancing, and investing.

Belcher Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance agency providing Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance services to residents of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and North and South Carolina including the Southwest Virginia communities of  Haysi, Clintwood, Norton, Pennington Gap, Wise, Abingdon, Richlands, Grundy, Lebanon, Castlewood, Saint Paul, Pennington Gap, Jonesville, Duffield, Gate City, Weber City, Bluefield, and Tazewell. Call, request a quote by email, or visit us at one of our offices today for a free, no-obligation risk assessment and quote. Let us do the research and find the best Whole Life insurance value for you.

Personal Insurance Coverage for Different Needs

On the right sidebar of this page, you will find links to a number of personal insurance resources.  Click on any of the different personal insurance coverage categories to learn more about specific insurance issues and coverages.   Please call one of our insurance agents at Belcher Insurance Agency for any assistance.

Life Insurance Experts:
Visit our About Us page to learn about our Life Insurance experts: James Couch, Grant Belcher, Stacy Hicks, Candice Sykes, Deanna Nickels, and Donna Johnson.

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