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About Belcher Insurance Agency

From the Humble Beginnings of a one-man operation in the ‘Bird’s Eye’ of Southwest Virginia…

Now beginning our 74th year of existence, by the Grace of God and the vision of the founders, the planning of the owners and managers, and the execution by the staff over all those years, it is with pleasure that we issue A Brief History Of The Agency!


Clynard C. and Anita A. Belcher started Belcher Insurance Agency in 1950 in Haysi (Dickenson County) Virginia. Working out of his house, the homes of his customers, his car on the side of mountain roads, or anywhere he could talk to clients, C. C. ran the roads of Dickenson, Buchanan, Russell, and Wise Counties, briefcase in one hand and rate manual in the other, and was one of the first pioneers to usher an “insurance culture” into the deep Western Virginia Coalfields. Most folks were superstitious about insurance…if you bought life insurance on someone it “marked” them to die and many potential customers “owed their soul to the company store”, that is, they worked for script that could only be spent at the local coal company owned general store so the tiny amounts of cash they had was about impossible to convince them to spend on something so frivolous as insurance. Difficulties were strong and varied but

Clynard never quit…and neither did his loving wife, Anita, who was about as much of a “producer” as Cly.

Now, twenty years into the new Millennium, coal is becoming more and more forgotten and our economy is based on tourism and government grants as much as coal ever was. Prayerfully, the Legacy passed on by C. C. and Anita to the third generation of owners and staff will keep our organization moving forward rightly. It is this legacy that has given us the foundation on which we stand firmly and grown and that gave us a compass when we wondered what to do. It is also, by God’s Grace, that Legacy which has built Belcher Insurance from a tiny one-man operation into four local and growing agencies: Belcher Insurance and Belcher &Williams Insurance Services: A regional insurance powerhouse…a brand that people can trust…and a family of agencies that you and our customers can always depend on.


Our 1st founding branch of 70 years is located on Main Street in the center of Haysi, VA. 

Located across from the Town Gazebo.


THEN……..    1950 Main Street Haysi, VA

Belcher Insurance Agency | Haysi VA (276) 865-5144



NOW…..   220 Main St Haysi, VA 24256

Belcher Insurance Agency | Haysi VA (276) 865-5144


Our 2nd Branch opened in 1985.   

We are located across from Clintwood High School on Main Street in Clintwood, VA

Belcher Insurance Agency | Clintwood VA (276) 865-5144


The third office in the Belcher Insurance family opened in 1993.

Our Norton office is located in the VA-KY Shopping Center next to Fishtales & Ingles

Belcher Insurance Agency | Norton VA (276) 679-2200


The fourth office is in the Westgate Mini Mall.

Located across from Welmont Lee Regional Hospital in Pennington Gap, VA.

Belcher Insurance Agency | Pennington Gap VA (276) 546-4899


“Serving You First for 74 Years”

Our Mission is to provide Superior Customer Service resulting from great execution, a caring attitude, a sense of urgency, and adherence to the principles of:

  • Honesty and Fairness: Acting openly, equitably, and consistently in all we do.
  • Cost Consciousness: Minimizing waste and vigorously pursuing continuous improvement, resulting in lower prices and greater values.
  • Teamwork: Coming together as a diverse workforce to achieve our shared vision.
  • Positive Atmosphere: Fostering an environment that is safe, clean, challenging, and fun.
  • Lifelong Learning: Seeking knowledge and enthusiastically sharing it with others.
  • Quality of Life: Committing to improving the lives of our families and the well-being of our community. Personal sacrifice for the good of the team

Our Purpose is to continue to consistently portray the traits that are our Legacy:

  • Absolute Integrity:  We learned many years ago that absolute integrity is the only way to keep our Carriers, our Staff, and our Customers happy and secure.  We verify your coverage needs at the time we write coverage and continue to confirm changes at renewal.
  • Service… With a Genuine Smile:  We realize you chose our agency to insure those things that are most valuable. So from the first time we meet you, we make ourselves available to you by giving you our personal cell phone number, E-mail address, and other contact information so that if you believe you have a need to call us in the evening or even on weekends, we are available.
  • Love for Our People and Heritage:  We grew up in a very rural area in very spiritual, close-knit families, churches, and communities. We are thrilled to call the Mountains of Deep Southwest Virginia home. We serve our customers in multiple states from the middle of Everywhere. We are closer to 5 State Capitals than Richmond.
  • Sense of Fair-Play:  100% on the side of our clients, our carriers, and the Belcher Insurance staff. There are three parties in an insurance agreement. You-The Carrier-BIA. We’ve learned over the years that being 33.3% on each party’s side is not enough. By being completely honest and above board, we are able to mediate both the carrier and you, our customer, fully.
  • Progressive / Aggressive Marketing and Sales:  We use all possible marketing strategies.  Over the last 70 years, our agency has evolved into a very powerful family of business professionals. We have most of the powerful carriers in each business category we write and service and we employ and train staff members that know how to address each concern you may have.
  • Sense of Teamwork, Style, and Grace: We strive to constantly put results ahead of personal pursuits. We are a team of 4 agencies, striving together to give our customers a ‘best of class’ experience in any of the agencies you might visit. We proudly wear our BIA logo on our clothing to remind ourselves of what we have stood for all these years.


The Belcher Insurance Agency Team

Kerry G. Belcher Sr.

Kerry G. Belcher Sr. | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 865-5144

Field Manager / Mentor
Email: Kerry@BelcherInsurance.net
Financial Services Web Page: www.understandinginsurance.us
Mobile: 276-492-3975

Kerry G. Belcher Sr was born in Richlands, Virginia in 1964.  Graduated from Haysi High in 1982 and with an AS degree in Electronics Engineering in 1984. Recording Engineering and theological training were also completed along the way.  He began his insurance career that May and was licensed and manager of the Clintwood branch of Hugh Belcher Insurance by February of 1985.  In 1989, he returned to Haysi to manage the office. In 2005, Kerry bought his Dad and Mom’s remaining stock and became the sole owner of the Haysi Agency, half-owner of the Norton Agency, and opened an agency in Pennington Gap with Don and Lowell Williams.  Married in 2007, He and his wife Rita have 8 children between them and sons and daughters-in-law. His hobbies are family activities, farming, playing music, writing songs, and Bible studying and teaching.

Karen Stiltner

Karen Stiltner | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-3991

Commercial Lines Manager
Haysi & Pennington Gap
Mobile: 276-492-3991

I was born in Grundy Virginia. I received a BA degree in Business Management from Southwest College.  I’m the Commercial Lines Manager for our Haysi & Pennington Gap offices.  I married in 2002 and my hobbies are watching the Cartoon Network, reading, crossword puzzles, and four-wheeling.

Nicole Blansett

Nicole Blansett | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-9090

Personal Lines Manager, Haysi
Mobile: 276-492-9090

I was born in Hawaii and moved to Clintwood as a child. I’ve worked for Belcher Insurance for 14 years. I am married and have two wonderful sons. I enjoy spending time with my family and reading in my spare time.

Kerry “Grant” Anderson Belcher II

Kerry "Grant" Anderson Belcher II | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-4012

Agent, Haysi
Mobile: 276-492-4012

Hello, My name is Kerry Grant Belcher II(” Grant “). I am a graduate of Wise County Christian School, and a lifelong Dickenson county Virginia resident. My wife, Louellen, is a native of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. We enjoy numerous hobbies, interests, and the friendship of our eight-year-old black labrador retriever, ” Hershey “. Thankfully, working for Belcher Insurance Agency has provided access to the years of exceptional knowledge and experience of our small army of seasoned insurance veterans which has honed my skills as a professional and an adult. As the third generation of the C.C.Belcher family to be working in the insurance industry, I look forward to carrying the torch of professional insurance services.

Jordan Owens

Jordan Owens | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 865-5144

Agent, Haysi

My name is Jordan Owens. I work at the Haysi Branch of Belcher Insurance. My Job is as a Customer Service Rep I greet and work with customers to make sure they are satisfied.  I just married Matthew Owens who works with me here at the agency. I’m a Christian and love serving the Lord.  My hobbies are looking at old pictures, collecting Nancy Drew Memorabilia, and Traveling. My favorite things are playing the piano and I love Butterflies.

Angi Mooney

Angi Mooney | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 926-4623


My name is Angi Mooney. I have been a personal lines agent for Hugh Belcher Insurance agency of Clintwood, VA for the past 20 years. My husband Eddie and I have 3 children Pam, Westley, and Matthew. I enjoy picnics, being outdoors, sewing and cooking, and spending time with family, which includes my cats and dog. I have been a youth Sunday school teacher and children’s activities leader for over 25 years at Flemington Church.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 926-4623


My name is Scott Davis. I’ve been a Life & Health agent for Hugh Belcher Insurance Agency of Clintwood for more than a decade. My wife is Nancy Davis and we have been married for 30 years. She is the office manager at the Clintwood office. We have one precious daughter, Whitney Nicole Davis. I enjoy playing the drums, watching football, and drag racing. My wife and I have been active in the church since 1987. I currently play drums for our church, Lighthouse Family Worship Center in Wise, VA.

Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 926-4623


My name is Nancy Davis. I live in Clintwood Va. I’m the office manager at Hugh Belcher Insurance Agency, where I have been employed for 26 years working as a Personal & Commercial lines agent. My husband is Scott Davis, who also works for Hugh Belcher Insurance, and we have one daughter Whitney. Most of my time is spent with my daughter involving her activities, and I also enjoy time with my family & friends. My husband & I have been involved in the church for over thirty years, and we love worshipping with our church family at Lighthouse Family Worship Center in Wise, VA.

Stacy Hicks

Agent & Office Manager
Mobile: 276-492-3986

My name is Stacy Hicks, I’m the Office Manager and a Commercial, Life, and Health Agent for Belcher Insurance Agency of Wise County. I’m married and I have a daughter. I enjoy crafts, home improvement projects, cooking, and baking.

Deborah Couch

Deborah Couch | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-0136

Agent, Norton

My name is Deborah Couch. I have worked for Belcher Ins. Agency of Wise County for 26 years.  I started working in Insurance in 1987 for South-West Ins. Agency. I was employed there for 7 years, then came to BIA in 1994.  I am married to James Couch, not only is he my husband, but he is also a coworker. In August 2020 we will celebrate our 33rd anniversary.  I have 3 children, Laura Elizabeth, Adam Benjamin, and Sarah Grace. I enjoy scrapbooking when time allows. I am a member of the Coeburn Presbyterian Church.

James Couch

James Couch | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-0136

Agent, Norton
Mobile: 276-492-0136

My name is James Couch. I have been a resident of Coeburn Virginia for 42 years. I have been married for 33 years to Deborah Denise Richardson. We have three children, Laura Elizabeth, Adam Benjamin, and Sarah Grace. We attend Coeburn Presbyterian church and our children attend Wise county Christian school. My wife and I both are employed at Belcher Insurance Agency of Wise County and have been here since 1994. I enjoy working in little league and Coeburn youth basketball and play golf on occasion. My job at Belcher consists of writing new commercial life and health insurance.

Gail Sanders

Gail Sanders | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 492-4000

Personal Lines Manager
Mobile: 276-492-4000

My name is Gail Sanders. I am the Personal Lines Manager and a Life and Health agent for Belcher Insurance. I also write Medicare plans and prescription drug plans. I am married to Bart Sanders and have 3 children and one grandson, named Austin, who lives with us. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to church, and eating out.

Donna Childress

Donna Johnson | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 494-4933

Agent, Norton
Mobile: 276-494-4933

My name is Donna Johnson. I work at the Belcher Insurance Agency of Wise Co, located in Norton, VA. I have been working at BIA for 25 years. I reside in Coeburn, VA, and have 2 daughters, Alana and Eliza. We attend Midway Church where I help teach teens on Wednesday night service. I enjoy various activities with my family, outdoor adventures, crafts, and church activities. I am a licensed agent and sell auto, home, and life insurance. I look forward to helping you with any insurance needs you may have.

Lowell Williams

Lowell WIlliams | Belcher Insurance Agency (276) 546-4899

Agent, Pennington Gap

Hello, my name is Lowell M. Williams, I am a former Teacher/Principal in the Lee County School System and retired in 1994.  I have 34 years of experience in Insurance. I attend the First Christian Church in Pennington Gap, VA. 

Candice Sykes

Candice Sykes

Agent & Office Manager, Pennington Gap
Mobile: 276-492-6299

My name is Candice Sykes. I am a licensed Property & Casualty and Life & Health Agent for Belcher & Williams Insurance Services. I have been with Belcher & Williams for 6 years and hope to be for many more. I enjoy cooking, painting, drawing, and many outdoor activities.

DeAnna Nickels

Deanna Nickles

Agent, Norton
Mobile: 276-492-6299

My name is DeAnna Nickels. I have worked for Belcher Insurance since March 2016. I am a licensed Life & Health agent and Property & Casualty agent and happy to help customers with all their insurance needs.

Donna Mohn

Donna Mohn

Agent, Norton

I began my insurance career at Appalachia Insurance Agency in Appalachia Virginia in 1973 and worked there for 23 years until it was sold.  I have worked in three other agencies and have been an employee of Belcher Insurance for 6 years, making a total of 47 years in the insurance industry. I attend Appalachia United Methodist Church.  My hobbies include reading and walking with my grandchildren.

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